Let's work together to keep Florida free

Hollye Merton

My name is Hollye Merton and I am running for Florida House Representative  Seat for District 21. I am new to politics and am running because I believe  strongly that our rights as citizens are being slowly eroded through attacks that  are many times sold to the public as safety measures.   

As your Representative, I vow to never vote yes on any bill that would limit your rights, nor will I favor any bill that is fiscally irresponsible. I believe that government’s role is to serve the  citizens and to protect their rights, not limit them. I will work alongside anyone  that has the best interests of the citizens of Florida regardless of their party affiliation, yet I will always be steadfast when it comes to the Second Amendment  and citizens’ right to self-defense.  

I hope you will support me on November 8th, I feel honored to have the  opportunity to serve my community. 

My Plan to Make a Difference

Our nation has become more divisive in recent years. Our differences stem from different world views and because of the firmly-held beliefs of both sides, our unwillingness to compromise can cripple even the best endeavor to solve common problems. My goal is to bring people together on difficult issues rather than divide them over differences.

Ultimately, through hard work, engaging peaceably in discourse, a willingness to listen and working together, we can make Florida even better than it already is. And that is what I intend to do if elected this November.


Common Sense

Common sense seems elusive and not too common these days with all of the divisiveness in our nation, yet I believe that we can arrive at common-sense legislation if we just find common ground and start from there. If we find those things that bind us together, ones in which we disagree will be more easily tackled.


Parental Rights

It is imperative that parents decide what is best for their children, not the government. Parents should have a say in school choice for their children. Faculty must include parents in decisions and state government should aid in providing the tools needed for the success of our future; our children.


Responsible Carry

Carrying a firearm is the ultimate responsibility. It is imperative that the carrier fully understands the consequences, is responsible for learning the law and trains regularly. All gun owners should seek out a competent, qualified, experienced instructor to invest in and develop their own skills.

Work With Me

As a lifelong Republican, I have always believed that smaller government that  stays out of our lives as much as possible was the foundation of freedom. Work  with me to ensure that Florida stays free for future generations. I am always  available to answer questions or discuss issues.  

If you are able, please help to get the word out. Citizens in Florida’s District 21  finally have a choice after many years of my opponent Yvonne Hinson, a  Democrat and CRT proponent, running unopposed. If we are to make Florida  better, I will need your help in any way you are able, from donations, door knocking, and to passing out literature, any little bit will help.  

Email me at HollyeForFlorida21@gmail.com and let’s see what we can do  together. Let’s break out of the gate to Keep Florida Great – together!